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Coding Workshop: Auto-increment Attributes

When you add new data, the system automatically gives it a unique number so there's no mix-up or duplicates. Think of it like automatic numbering for things like bills, orders, or customer IDs, keeping everything tidy and clear. This blog post is about auto-incremental attributes.

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The Help Is on Its Way

Explore the Every8.Cloud Platform's documentation, and how it can pave the way for users to become invaluable assets within their organizations.

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Happy Odometer Day!

Does your business have an odometer that offers you a quick snapshot of your progress?

We're here to help you set up your business's odometer and celebrate each milestone together!

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Coding Workshop: Automate Email Delivery of Timesheets to Clients

In this coding workshop article, we walked through the process of automating the delivery of timesheets to clients using the Every8.Cloud Platform.

The tutorial covers creating lists, designing the PDF layout, setting up scheduled jobs, and implementing triggers to send emails with timesheet attachments.

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|Time to read: 7 minutes

Happy World Password Day!

In celebration of the World Password Day, this article highlights the importance of secure passwords in protecting our online accounts and digital lives.

It provides best practices for password management, emphasizing strong, unique passwords, regular updates, two-factor authentication, and the use of password managers to ensure a safer online experience.

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|Time to read: 5 minutes

Is Your Current IT System an Old Car?

In a world that's becoming increasingly digital, the Information Technology (IT) systems that businesses use are crucial. However, these systems can become outdated over time, similar to how cars can age and become less efficient.

With this analogy in mind, is your current IT system an old car? 

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Monitoring Your Account with Automatic Alerts

Every8.Cloud's automatic alerts feature proactively identifies and resolves potential software issues, sending notifications directly to support personnel when events such as errors or failures occur.

With multiple notification channels available, including email profiles, webhooks, and server-side scripts, you will stay on top of any issues. Take advantage of Every8.Cloud's automatic alerts feature today!

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