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The low-code platform that will change your business. Create and deploy applications with minimal coding and programming knowledge.

Every8.Cloud platform
Every8.Cloud Low-Code Platform

Effective Solutions for Real Results

Our collection of apps offers a single, cost-efficient, and modular solution to address all your business needs. No effort required to get different technologies to work together.

Every8.Cloud Low-Code Platform

Collaborative Environment

All Every8.Cloud apps are seamlessly integrated, making it possible to fully automate your business processes and enjoy the cost savings and benefits

Every8.Cloud Low-Code Platform

High-Quality Enterprise Grade Apps

It is only a matter of time until all the business tools we currently use are replaced with something superior, faster, and more advanced. Don't surrender this power to others; take the lead in innovation, improvement, and success.

How Much Time Is Your Business Wasting on Inefficient Processes?

Achieve faster, better results with integrated software solutions.

Every8.Cloud robust applications connect your data, workflows, and teams, enabling you to accelerate work and unlock your organization's full potential.

Why Every8.Cloud

The Platform

Give Your Business a Boost With a Low-Code Enterprise Grade Cloud Platform

Every8.Cloud Low-Code Platform

Launch in a matter of days

Give your team the ability to develop and launching applications using templates, effortless drag-and-drop functionality, and swift deployment.

Every8.Cloud Low-Code Platform


Transform manual and outdated processes with cutting-edge digital capabilities. Develop solutions tailored to specific needs of your business.

Every8.Cloud Low-Code Platform


Improve your solutions to stay ahead in a constantly evolving market. Choose to lead the new digital trends.

Every8.Cloud Low-Code Platform


85% of core business processes are automated during first 6 months of implementation. Build, share and leverage your business knowledge.

Every8.Cloud Low-Code Platform


Improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and position your unique business for long-term success.

Every8.Cloud Low-Code Platform


Maximize cost savings and productivity gains by streamlining information flow with alerts, reminders, and dashboards that give you control over your business.

How It Works

Every8.Cloud Platform enables you to easily create, connect, and customize enterprise applications that address gaps in visibility and workflow.

Build Your Business With Every8.Cloud

Designed to be flexible, adapting to your business's requirements rather than imposing abstract rules.

Unleash Your Business's Potential With Every8.Cloud

Scale your business with our comprehensive application ecosystem, automating all of your unique requirements.

Every8.Cloud How It Works

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Find a wide range of consulting services from a partner near you. They’ll help you train, assess options, and implement solutions while staying within your budget.

Recent from the Marketplace

From managing complex logistics to optimizing daily operations, our tailored solutions can be customized to meet the demands of any industry, whether you're installing windows, running a law firm, or moving containers.


Powered By Every8.Cloud

Enterprise-grade cloud platforms managed by our partners and powered by Every.Cloud

Powered by Every8.Cloud

Intermodal Cloud

Fleet management, dispatching, safety, invoicing, driver app for intermodal companies under one roof.

Powered by Every8.Cloud


Manage using a full fleet management and trucking cycle to control every aspect of your business.

Powered by Every8.Cloud

MaGarderie Plus

The software for the daily management of daycare centers and early childhood education centers.

Powered by Every8.Cloud

Relevé 24 EN LIGNE

Financial reporting software that allows to effortlessly generate and submit reports to Revenu Québec.


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