Last Updated May 2, 2023

Every8.Cloud Platform and Apps

The Every8.Cloud Platform is the property of Every8.Cloud. You are granted a revocable, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to access and utilize our Services, strictly in line with our Legal Terms.

The purpose of your usage of our Services should align strictly with those specified within our Legal Terms. Any utilization outside this purview constitutes a breach of this license and can lead to the termination of your account.

Depending on your chosen package, your account can house multiple apps. Apps for Every8.Cloud can either be developed from scratch or sourced from the Marketplace.

If you are an app developer, the ownership rights belong to you. However, if the app is installed from the Marketplace, intellectual property rights are retained by the app vendor.

In certain scenarios, where an Every8.Cloud implementation partner develops the app, the intellectual property rights are subject to agreement between your company and the implementation partner.

Who Holds Ownership of the App You're Utilizing?

In order to confirm the proprietorship of the app, please proceed to the Application builder and select View details for the said application. The name of the vendor should appear directly under the name of the application. If the app has been installed from the Marketplace, vendor information can also be accessed by visiting the Marketplace.

Please note that as long as you have satisfied all financial commitments, the vendor does not have the authority to limit your access to and use of the app. This stipulation encompasses any monthly charges that may be associated with the app's usage.

Ownership of Data Contained in Your App

In most circumstances, barring a few exceptions where an app might include external data sourced from a different origin and duly identified as such, the client retains ownership of all data contained within the app. This ownership persists regardless of who owns the actual app.

In a typical scenario, any data that is generated, inputted, or stored within an app by the client is owned by the client. This could include information such as user profiles, activity logs, uploaded files, and any other data that the client contributes to the app. This principle of data ownership applies irrespective of who owns the app itself, meaning that even if the app is developed and maintained by a third party, the data that the client contributes to it remains client's property.

Who Can Access Your Data?

Access to client data is contingent upon the settlement of financial obligations related to your account.

In specific instances, Every8.Cloud’s technical staff may require access to your data to provide necessary support and maintenance services. Should you wish to restrict this access, please notify our technical team. As the primary user, you retain full control over user accounts and have the ability to delete or disable any Every8.Cloud team member’s user account at any time.

We maintain controlled access to databases, but such access is under strict regulation and surveillance. Please note that irrespective of the status of your account, including termination due to non-payment, we will never utilize your data for marketing or any other unrelated activities.

Our Implementation Partners

The majority of Every8.Cloud apps are developed by our implementation partners. In such instances, the determination of intellectual property rights might be governed by the contractual terms established between your organization and the respective implementation partner.

This means that rights pertaining to the use, modification, distribution, or other aspects related to the intellectual property of the app could be outlined in the terms and conditions of this separate contract. As such, we strongly recommend that your organization thoroughly reviews any such agreements to fully understand your rights and responsibilities in relation to the developed apps.

Our Infrastructure Provider Partners

Every8.Cloud frequently engages with our network of partners, particularly for specialized services like high availability systems. If you're accessing the Every8.Cloud platform via one of our infrastructure provider partners, we encourage you to carefully review the agreement you have in place with them.

Service-Level Agreement and Disaster Recovery Plan

Our Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) is complimentary and provided with all of our accounts and services. This package encompasses ongoing monitoring and preventive maintenance.

An automatic backup is performed daily. In the rare event that a restoration from backup is required, we guarantee completion within 24 hours. If you require advanced support with a high-availability configuration or a shorter time frame, please reach out to us for additional information.

For further details, we encourage you to refer to our Technical Support Policy.

Our Business Continuity Provision

In the unlikely event that Every8.Cloud is unable to provide services, we offer an on-premises version of our Platform. This version is provided as a virtual appliance, equipped with the most recent version of our software. Please note, the implementation of this version may necessitate certain technical skills.

Should such an event occur, please be informed that additional services such as data transfer or conversion will not be provided.

As part of our offering, a standard backup module is available via the Implementation layer of an app. This module can be utilized to extract all your data records and files in a readable format, if necessary.

Kindly inform us should there be a need for further details pertaining to this matter.