Simplifying access to government forms

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The application has been enhanced with the functionality to print and email government forms to parents. This new feature represents a significant improvement for users, facilitating access to necessary information. Parents can now easily receive and print government forms, such as "Tarif et nombre de jours de garde prévus pour", and other documents essential for their interaction with educational institutions. The availability of this feature via the mobile application makes the process of document retrieval and exchange more convenient and efficient for all parties involved. It also enhances communication between educational institutions and parents, increasing engagement and understanding. With the ability to email documents, parents can receive necessary materials instantly, facilitating prompt issue resolution and providing them with additional flexibility in managing their responsibilities. This functionality also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the use of paper documentation. As a result, the document exchange process becomes safer, more convenient, and time-efficient. It significantly contributes to improving the efficiency of educational processes and streamlines the daily lives of parents and institutions.

Simplifying access to government forms

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