The "Activity Stream" module

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The "Activity Stream" module functions as a messaging platform, facilitating seamless communication among users. Users can exchange messages within the platform and attach files to enhance collaboration. This module supports the sharing of various file formats, including documents, images, and videos, fostering a comprehensive exchange of information.

Beyond simple messaging, users have the capability to 'pin' important messages, ensuring crucial information remains easily accessible. This feature aids in prioritizing and highlighting key communications within the stream.

The real-time nature of the module ensures that users receive instantaneous updates on incoming messages, promoting quick and efficient communication. With the ability to customize notification preferences, users can stay informed about messages that matter most to them.

The messaging interface is user-friendly, allowing for smooth navigation and ease of use. Conversations are threaded, providing a clear and organized view of communication history.

Overall, the "Activity Stream" module serves as a versatile and feature-rich messaging platform, promoting efficient communication, collaboration, and information sharing within the application.

The "Activity Stream" module

Selecting message recipients in the Activity Stream is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly interface. With the ability to search for users by their usernames, the process becomes even more convenient. Additionally, users have the option to craft their own groups, tailoring their communication approach to suit specific needs. This streamlined recipient selection feature ensures that addressing messages to individuals or custom groups is a straightforward and efficient part of the messaging experience within the Activity Stream. The simplicity and customization options empower users, fostering effective and tailored communication.

The "Activity Stream" module

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