Version: 6.7.29-dev
What's new:

1. feat: implemented new export/import format of metadata; 2. fix: resolved parameter initialization issue in background jobs; 3. fix: resolved issues with translations; 4. feat($email): enhanced 'create' and 'send' methods to return email data after sending; 5. feat: implemented opening email links in a new tab; 6. feat: implemented v-tooltip directive; 7. refactor: optimized and simplified content rendering; 8. feat: implemented 'begin-head' and 'end-head' event handlers to modify section (form and module level); 9. feat: implemented 'process-content' event handler (module level); 10. feat: implemented ordered UUID in the server $uuid plugin; 11. fix: resolved registration position issue for resources; 12. fix: added missing handlers for 'begin-head' and 'end-head' events for public pages; 13. refactor: moved customizable page files (Login, Maintenance, etc.) to the public folder; 14. feat: prevented unnecessary app deployment after Core update; 15. feat: optimized file deletion; 16. feat: added deployment of enumerations after app update; 17. feat: allowed to use the 'New tab' settings for 'Go to URL' actions; 18. refactor: moved favicon and app name settings to Organizational profile; 19. refactor: moved default customizable pages assets to public folder; 20. chore: cleaned up code; 21. feat: added redirect to the first available app if the last used is unavailable; 22. Fixed bugs; 23. fix: resolved issues with public files; 24. Fixed bugs; 25. refactor: dropped module files; 26. fix: fixed report filter buttons for mobile app; 27. refactor: revised image size reduction; 28. feat: added 'requestAppRate' method to $mediaDevices plugin; 29. fix: resolved an issue with attaching files in 'Send email' triggers; 30. fix: resolved compatibility issues with PHP 8.1; 31. refactor: implemented report renderer based on canvas; 32. feat: enhanced reports; 33. fix: fixed source for referential parameters in reports; 34. feat: added 'init' event to reports; 35. chore: merged 'Init' and 'Main' scripts in reports; 36. style: improved report styles; 37. feat: added settings to hide title, filters, gridlines, and headings in reports; 38. feat: added settings for totals and subtotals placements; 39. feat: implemented sorting in reports; 40. fix: fixed migration of default backgrounds for customizable pages; 41. feat: implemented conditional appearance in reports; 42. fix: fixed sorting in reports; 43. fix: fixed drill-through in reports; 44. feat: implemented export in reports; 45. fix: fixed report center visibility; 46. fix: fixed export to Excel in reports; 47. feat(reports): added possibility to specify condition for referential parameters and filters in 'init' event; 48. feat(reports): titles and types will be populated automatically for new columns; 49. fix(reports): dialog with translations was empty for new columns; 50. fix(reports): optional parameters were always disabled; 51. fix(reports): fixed missing presentations for referential parameters and filters on automatic creation; 52. style(reports): added opacity to the background below the sort controls; 53. fix(login): fixed redirection to the URL specified in the 'redirectTo' query parameter; 54. feat: implemented integration with; 55. refactor: updated the method for retrieving the list of modules.


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