Version: 6.4.10-alpha
What's new:

1. feat(e8-form-table): added `Filter match type` property with ALL (=AND) and ANY(=OR) options; 2. feat(e8-form-table): added `row` and `index` parameters to `on-row-delete` handler; 3. fix(e8-form-time-picker): fixed manual input of values; 4. feat(e8-table): added `Height` property; 5. feat(e8-grid): canceled active fetch requests before destroy, prevented duplicate fetch requests on initialization; 6. fix(e8-form-lookup): fixed attribute population from search string on creation; 7. feat: added `login-mobile-app` page type; 8. fix: setting `New tab` in actions did not work as expected; 9. fix: fixed autocomplete for server modules.


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