Version: 6.2.3
What's new:

1. refactor: optimized config files; 2. refactor: removed unused packages, files, tables, and translations; 3. fix: login by one-time tokens did not work properly; 4. fix: host info did not populate correctly in some cases; 5. feat: add ability to connect email accounts on mobile apps; 6. feat: alert if token refresh for the Mailer account fails; 7. feat(server-js): add access to newly uploaded files from `e8-form-files`; 8. refactor: dispatch one event only (`create` or `copy`) for newly created objects, objects will be pre-populated with filling values; 9. feat: added Billing module; 10. fix($query): option DISTINCT was not applied; 11. feat: added global objects E8Dialog and E8Notify; 12. refactor: E8App; 13. refactor: pnotify replaced with Bootstrap Toast for notifications; 14. fix($query): the run method returned presentations for referential types in legacy SQL mode (#legacySQL); 15. fix(server-js): the metadata search function did not work as expected when used with non-string script aliases; 16. fix: QueryValidator considered data providers as invalid tables; 17. feat: added module `user`; 18. fix: fixed paths to customizable page views and layouts in preview mode.


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