What Is Every8.Cloud

Every8.Cloud is a high-performance enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that allows developers to build scalable cloud-based apps with minimal code. The platform offers different tools to automate business processes and create satisfying user experiences.

Why Every8.Cloud?

Every8.Cloud is designed to change your approach to "Digital first" paradigm, giving you the full benefit of employees' capabilities and the speed of the response required for the modern world of business. The tools to accomplish these changes are now available. With Every8.Cloud you will be able to speak business instead of technology, which means that you will be focusing on business challenges and not on complexity of your IT infrastructure.

What Is Every8.Cloud Best for?

Every8.Cloud is a flexible platform ideal for dynamic businesses looking to streamline their operations and avoid double entry and data transfer. Its business-oriented architecture makes it particularly well-suited for developing applications such as CRM, ERP, and EMS. With the Application Builder, which uses rapid application design (RAD) strategies and standard business-themed components, you can easily create custom tools tailored to your business needs and continuously innovate on the same platform with the same set of security rules.

Main Features

You can use Every8.Cloud as a platform to run one of the standard apps available on the Marketplace or you can develop your custom app with the features specific to your business. Most of the features may be developed without coding using drag-and-drop tools. The platform also gives you the possibility to write code for advanced customizations and features.


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