Weather Pro Windows and Doors leverages the Every8.Cloud platform

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Weather Pro Windows and Doors leverages the Every8.Cloud platform

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Weather Pro : Making a Vision a Reality

Holding one of the dominant positions in Canada's window and door installation market, the company boasts offices in major cities: Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Ottawa.

With over 50 sales representatives and hundreds of installers, they span vast distances, varying time zones, and diverse climate zones. Despite these differences, one common goal unites them: delivering a high-quality product on time and at the right price to their clients.

Digital at the Forefront

Everything starts with leads. When customers need windows or doors, these leads must automatically feed into the system. Streaming in from various channels, these leads funnel into one unified tool that traces their journey, from their inception to conversion into a contract, work order, installation, and post-installation service, if required.

These leads transform into appointments. Successful appointments morph into contracts, which then translate into work orders, factory orders, and eventually installation appointments. This description simplifies a detailed process that includes measurement appointments and numerous other stages.

All these stages are fully automated on the Every8.Cloud Platform.

For real-time efficiency, most system interfaces are mobile-friendly. Salespeople have shifted from laptops to tablets, executing everything from presentations to electronic client signatures.

The unique window and door design interface truly stands out in the market.

The system also integrates with standard services like the GoSign.Online e-signature service and Text Messaging.

Additionally, an external tracking module allows clients to check their order status on the company's website, saving countless hours usually spent on phone calls and information searches.

What's Next?

As they venture into new markets and aim for enhanced service, the company has two solid pillars: their implementation partner, First BIT Canada, and the Every8.Cloud Platform.

Both are setting the stage for continued growth and success.

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