Carterm Intermodal Logistics Uses Intermodal.Cloud Transportation Management System

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Carterm Intermodal Logistics Uses Intermodal.Cloud Transportation Management System

Leading the Way in Intermodal Services

Nestled in the heart of the industrial area, Carterm Intermodal Logistics stands as a beacon of intermodal expertise. Its prime location, mere steps away from key railway terminals and the airport, gives it a strategic advantage that few can match. This geographical benefit, coupled with their comprehensive suite of services tailored for the GTA region and beyond, positions Carterm Intermodal Logistics uniquely, setting them on a clear path to dominate the intermodal transportation market. Their commitment to excellence and deep understanding of the logistical needs of the region ensures that Carterm is not just a service provider but a pivotal partner in the transportation ecosystem.

Holding a leadership position in the intermodal market isn't just about having the best services or the most strategic location; it's about constantly evolving and staying ahead. For Carterm Intermodal Logistics, this means continuous investments in information technology. The company recognizes that in our digital age, leveraging the latest technological advancements is crucial for efficiency, customer service, and overall growth. By prioritizing IT development, Carterm not only ensures smoother operations but also solidifies its commitment to innovation, securing its place at the forefront of the intermodal transportation industry.

Project Overview

When Carterm Intermodal Logistics decided to modernize its operations, it turned to a seasoned expert: AccessWeb Corporation. With over two decades of experience working with transport companies, AccessWeb was the natural choice to ensure a smooth and tailored system implementation. The foundation for this digital upgrade was the Intermodal.Cloud platform, which was then customized to fit the unique business processes of Carterm Intermodal Logistics.

One of the highlights of the system is its container tracing module. Currently, Intermodal.Cloud integrates with all Canadian railroads, the Port of Montreal, and several other terminals. The automated tracing feature transforms decision-making by providing a real-time view of the company's yard status, commitments to clients, and driver availability. This module seamlessly transitions the traditional paper-based process to a contemporary digital pipeline, drastically reducing the manpower needed for dispatching and customer service tasks.

Key System Modules Include:
  • Container yard management
  • Transport management
  • Dispatching
  • Billing and accounts receivable
  • Staff management

With a plethora of dashboards and reports at their disposal, company management can now spend more time on strategic decisions rather than manual data retrieval.

However, Carterm's digital innovation extends beyond just its transport management system. Through a dedicated mobile application, drivers are seamlessly integrated into the company's digital framework, facilitating instant communication with the dispatch team. Data from the field converges into a unified data repository, guaranteeing clients stay updated and enabling swift, crucial decision-making.

This strategic partnership and the resulting system not only streamline operations but also position Carterm Intermodal Logistics at the cutting edge of intermodal transport management.

Next Steps

The contemporary IT landscape is inseparable from artificial intelligence. An increasing number of tasks are being handed over to automated decision-making processes.

Carterm Intermodal Logistics is primed for this significant leap in digital technology, making every effort to be at the forefront of this wave.

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