The Every8.Cloud Why

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The Every8.Cloud Why

Every8.Cloud Platform Origins

As a company, we have created a lot of software products, most of which were based on custom client requirements. These requirements were often vague and imprecise, which made the development process a challenge. Typically, a software project consists of various phases, such as design, prototyping, development, testing, piloting, and delivery. Our aim was to find a platform that would allow us to reach the prototyping phase as quickly as possible. We needed to handle multiple projects for different businesses efficiently, without spending several weeks on design. We needed a platform that would allow us to complete all project phases rapidly, and to revisit any of them as required. Furthermore, since client requirements were often similar, we needed a platform that would allow us to reuse the same features across different projects with high granularity (for example, a billing module, a human resources module, etc.). Our ultimate goal was to create maintainable and scalable applications with a straightforward data architecture and readable code.

This is the reason why we developed the Every8.Cloud Platform.

Ease of Use

It might seem obvious, but we think that something that LOOKS EASY to do, SHOULD BE EASY to do. If you find yourself struggling with a simple feature for longer than expected, you are probably doing something wrong. 

This is where the Every8.Cloud Platform comes in - it provides all the necessary tools to develop flexible business applications with ease. If you're developing a business application and find that you need something that isn't possible with the Application Builder, you may need to re-evaluate your approach.

Talk Business, Not Technology

We've all experienced meetings where two people are speaking the same language but still can't understand each other. One person might be discussing business processes, while another is trying to explain the database structure, triggers, and so on. Both sides are frustrated by the other's inability to understand.

At Every8.Cloud, we avoid talking about technology with our clients. Most clients don't care about the version of the operating system or the language the backend was developed in. They are primarily interested in the "What", "When", and "How much". The "Why" is usually the reason you're there, but everything else is important but rarely a deal-breaker.

The Every8.Cloud Application Builder gives you everything you need to develop flexible business applications without getting bogged down in technical details.

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