Taking Back Your IT with Low-code Development

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Taking Back Your IT with Low-code Development

Your business has many moving parts. There is the HR department that takes care of the hiring process; the managers who take care of employees and their billable hours, there is warehousing… and there are salespeople who need to be managed and customer accounts that need to be nurtured. You are running a serious operation here. But, how smoothly and efficiently is it actually running?

Leading companies have realized that by managing all of their business processes from one, central location, they can run their business more efficiently and effectively. They have undergone what’s called a “digital transformation;” the process of getting rid of tedious, repetitive manual tasks, and, instead, adopting technology that takes care of every aspect of the business via automation.


A key question arises: who is actually building this technology?


Chances are, that one time or another, you outsourced your IT to India or Eastern Europe. What was the result? Were they able to build something exactly as you wanted? Perhaps there were elements of the application that you needed that wasn’t there; the end goal was as they say “lost in translation;” communicating with a team half-way across the world turned the wrong side up.


The IT Outsourcing Statistics 2017/2018 study from Computer Economics found that at the large organizations have increased the percentage of their IT budgets spent on outsourcing from 6.3% to 8.7% while small organizations are spending 7.8% of their IT budget on outsourcing.


If you are one of these companies, with 100% certainty we say to you: You are leaving money on the table.


Leading companies are realizing more and more that there is no need to get an extra pair of hands to manage IT processes and build applications for each task. They have identified that there is software that exists, that can help even the most technically challenged users to design applications.


Enter low-code


Low-code is a way to design and develop software applications fast and with minimal hand-coding. It is a set of tools that help developers create complete applications visually using a drag-and-drop interface. Instead of writing hundreds of lines of complex code, low-code platforms allow users to build complete applications with modern user interfaces.

In a 2016 Deloitte survey, 59 percent of respondents reported that outsourcing was an opportunity to reduce costs. But, a new era of low-code software can generate its own code to adapt to new situations.


Forrester Research outlines the benefits in a recent report on low-code platforms: “Hand-coding is too slow to develop and deliver many of the applications that companies use to win, serve and retain customers … Faster delivery is the primary benefit of a low-code platform; it also helps firms respond more quickly to customer feedback.”


The need to break the model of long development cycles


When you outsource your IT to India, your application isn’t built in hours - it takes up to weeks and, even months to develop because it takes a long time to code something from scratch. This hurts your internal teams and customers who are getting impatient and demanding.


The modern-day “developer.”


Although the term low-code has been circulating for years, it has only been adopted at an enterprise level recently. A low-code system is one that can meet the configuration of the entire set of business requirements without writing more than a few lines of code.

This is what’s referred to as a “citizen developer”. It is a user who creates new applications for consumption by others. End users can build departmental and enterprise applications using the latest low-code development platforms and cloud computing services.


Enter Every8.Cloud


Every8.Cloud has the power to change the way you create, deploy and manage your operation with an application platform that empowers all of your users to build and improve apps quickly and at scale.


We have solved the digital transformation problem of how to spend less money on building applications, and have realized how to empower teams to collaborate and experience complete control so that you can focus on business success.


The process of simply selecting a component and dragging and dropping it into a workflow saves considerable time versus somebody coding it every time - for every application. This is valuable for non-developers, allowing them to build back-end code in a visual way.


No need to learn multiple programming languages. You can manage the entire application lifecycle, and all aspects of an application, without depending on more technically-skilled developers for additional help.


In conclusion...


As a business owner, it’s hard to develop your application in North America, because labour is expensive. Not everyone can afford a 100k+ investment in an application solution. We need something simple yet flexible enough to cover our operational needs.


It is estimated that 90% of IT is being developed in India and other countries from top to bottom. A low-code program allows you to develop applications on-the-fly, which means that you can switch business knowledge back to the place it belongs - to your business.


Say goodbye to costly outsourcing from India. It’s time to take control of all of your business operations - in the best way possible: in complete customization to fit your business. After all, no one understands your business better than you.

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