Rapid Application Development & Every8.Cloud

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Rapid Application Development & Every8.Cloud

Rapid Application Development, which is commonly shortened to “RAD”, is a model for creating software. Developed in the 1980s, RAD was aimed at creating software much faster than traditional methods, which often devoted months to planning alone. Simply put, RAD is focused on making usable software as quickly as possible.

Traditional Development vs RAD

The traditional “waterfall” method puts a lot of emphasis on planning. Predictably, most software developed using traditional development methods have several planning phases before a single line of code is ever written. This process can result in complex yet elegant software solutions, but the downside is they usually take months to develop, sometimes becoming obsolete by the time they’re polished enough for release. 

Rapid Application Development is different because it is, well, rapid. The inventor of RAD, James Martin, envisioned full applications being developed using RAD in a fraction of the time it took to complete them using older methods.

A few components are key in making RAD what it is, including:

  • Smaller projects
    The short time-frame of RAD is perfect for designing a widget or standalone app. However, the shift in focus to prototyping instead of planning probably doesn’t make it the best system for a professional accounting suite. 
  • Re-use of software elements
    As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” RAD often uses components from older projects in order to save time.
  • Prototype-test cycle
    Because the onus is on doing, not planning, it makes sense that prototypes would be a priority. RAD has a tight cycle of programming, prototyping, testing, and tweaking.

RAD and Every8.Cloud

Every8.Cloud has RAD baked into its Application Builder, so you can build the business tool of your dreams as fast as possible. Features include:

  • Visual Builder
    Create a functional app without writing a single line of code. Our easy-to-use Application Builder allows you to select and define elements through a visual interface.
  • Re-Usable Elements
    Create fully fleshed-out lists, and then use them in everything. Never again will you be forced to enter all your clients’ data three times a day.
  • Advanced Editing
    Those wanting to get their hands dirty can access advanced settings in the Application Builder to tweak the functionality and design of the tool.
  • Instant Usability
    Once a tool has been put together and published in the visual Application Builder, it’s instantly available to users.

Get started using Every8.Cloud today by signing up for our free demo, or contact us to learn how our talented developers can build the perfect business platform for you.

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