Our Secret Recipe: Rapid Application Development

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Our Secret Recipe: Rapid Application Development

Do you remember the moment when you first heard about business getting disrupted due to COVID?

Jack Pott (CEO) certainly does. No business owner could possibly miss it: We’re sorry to inform you that we must interrupt “business-as-usual.”

But unlike so many others, Mr. Pott was not worried. His company, A. Corp, began using the Every8.Cloud platform over 2 years ago. After getting and implementing all of the software in just one week (!!), Mr. Pott has always been able to change and edit anything he needs, at any time.

You see, Mr. Pott has always known that the business world is unpredictable – so he has made it a priority to incorporate flexibility into A. Corp’s tech and business practices. And when disruptions like COVID happen, Mr. Pott knows that Every8.Cloud will help A. Corp adapt to changes quickly and painlessly.

The question is: why isn’t every business this prepared?

App Development Models: What's Wrong With the "Waterfall" Approach?

The “Waterfall” method is the traditional approach to software development.

It’s called a waterfall because each step flows after the other one.

In reality, this approach is more akin to building a brick-and-mortar house. After time is spent meticulously planning and design, each step must be fully complete before developers can move forward. Conversely, developers also cannot move back to change previous stages.

With this approach, going back to edit earlier stages would require a complete re-start – akin to tearing down a whole chunk of a house, without being able to renovate just one room.

Every8.Cloud’s Special Recipe: Rapid App Development (RAD)

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a software development made with flexibility in mind.

Rather than sticking to a strict plan, the goal of RAD is to create a prototype quickly, and deliver it to clients for continual feedback and tweaks.

At each step, the client gets to see what is about to be built. Time and money are only spent on what the client will actually use.

At Every8.Cloud, we are proud to offer clients – like Jack Pott’s A. Corp – a prototype within 2 days, and a ready software platform within a week! This is the magic of rapid application development – by orienting the process around your needs (and not our preconceived ideas about what you might need), we are able to hit the ground running.

Why RAD is Right For You

Some advantages of rapid application development include:

Quicker and Smarter Development Time

In the waterfall model, planning is often the longest stage in development because once part of the software gets built, there is no going back.

But with RAD, the goal is to deliver a product as soon as possible – meaning that you will be able to see a product much sooner.


Because the waterfall model has a fixed plan and budget, some business owners assume that it must be the more affordable option. But this is not always the case.

At Every8.Cloud, we begin our process by consulting you about your exact needs and business goals. This provides clarity early on, so that no time is wasted on dead-end work – and in the end, you only pay for software that actually serves you.

Unlike with waterfall, there is no chance that you would pay for an entire development project – only to (later) realize that some of it is not right for you, and to watch 60% of it become obsolete within a year.


And of course – rapid application development is the truly flexible option, allowing your business to change and evolve in a world of advancing technology and unforeseen disruptions.

In a world of unpredictability, Every8.Cloud can ensure that having control over your business is always a comforting given. Schedule a demo today.

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