MaGarderie Plus – a Perfect Example of All-In-One Solution

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MaGarderie Plus – a Perfect Example of All-In-One Solution

What is MaGarderie Plus?

Beyond its catchy name, MaGarderie Plus is much more than just an app in our Marketplace – it is a comprehensive platform powered by the Every8.Cloud technology. Specifically designed to manage childcare centres, MaGarderie Plus addresses all aspects of childcare management, from child recordkeeping to billing, accounts receivable, and even parent communication.

MaGardrerie Plus also offers a mobile app developed on Every8.Cloud mobile framework, that is used by childcare staff and parents. Their access is different and based on security roles assigned to their users.

MaGarderie Plus – a Perfect Example of All-In-One Solution

You can learn more about the features of this multifaceted app here. This blog post will focus on what makes MaGarderie Plus a perfect example of all-in-one SAAS solution.

Technically, MaGarderie Plus is one of the many accounts hosted on the Every8.Cloud infrastructure. You can have the same. But at the same time, it is an account that manages dozens of subaccounts for its own customers.

So, what makes it an all-in-one solution?

Aside from demand, capital requirements, and marketing aspects, building a successful SAAS product requires the following elements.

Scalability with the Right Technology

Selecting the appropriate technology for building a new SAAS solution is crucial. Luckily for our partner, the Every8.Cloud platform is an ideal choice due to its virtually unlimited scalability and flexibility.

Development Environment and Distribution Channel

We have combined these two crucial elements due to the seamless decision-making process involved. Here's where the Every8.Cloud platform excels. Every account features a standard module called Application Builder, which fuels your developmental creativity. All new app versions are published and updates dispatched to production accounts via the Every8.Cloud Marketplace (

MaGarderie Plus – a Perfect Example of All-In-One Solution

Business Model

MaGarderie Plus has a management app that handles customer lists and app lists. Pre-created apps are distributed by the management app when a website request is received. It generates an admin user, populates the new app with initial data, and sends a link to the customer. All processes are automated, allowing for seamless operation. However, it does necessitate mindful attention when customers propose new features and improvements to ensure continued excellence in the service.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

A compelling website is crucial. MaGarderie Plus leverages another app from the Marketplace, ExquiSite CMS, as a content management system (

MaGarderie Plus – a Perfect Example of All-In-One Solution

Lead Nurturing

Another app from the Marketplace aptly called Marketing campaigns is used to send marketing emails, monitor campaign performance, and manage lists of unsubscribed prospects who are temporarily uninterested in becoming customers.

While this paints a comprehensive picture, there's always room for growth and expansion. Yes, new apps are indeed on their way. 🚀

MaGarderie Plus has been designed as an all-in-one solution where all you need is access to the Every8.Cloud account.

There's no need for dedicated server hosting, FTP uploads, or custom coding.

Think of it this way - managing your SAAS business just became a breeze.

Did we miss anything that you believe Every8.Cloud technology can help you with? We'd love to hear from you.

After all, our goal is to ensure your business thrives in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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