Introducing Ukrainian Language Localization!

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Introducing Ukrainian Language Localization!

In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses need to adapt and cater to customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Recognizing this need for multilingual support, Every8.Cloud is proud to announce the addition of Ukrainian language localization to its platform.

With this new feature, developers can now reach millions of Ukrainian speakers worldwide, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience in their native language.

Ukraine has a population of over 44 million people, and the Ukrainian language is spoken by around 45 million people globally.

By adding support for the Ukrainian language, Every8.Cloud empowers businesses to tap into this vast market and extend their reach to an even broader audience. Not only will this improve the user experience for Ukrainian-speaking customers, but it will also enhance the overall accessibility of Every8.Cloud apps.

How Language Localization Works?

Every8.Cloud has made it easy for developers to incorporate Ukrainian language localization into their apps.

Multi-lingual metadata: Developers can input multi-lingual meta-data (e.g., List Attributes) in the Application builder. This allows them to define different translations for each element within the app.

Language selection: End users can choose their preferred language in their profile settings. Once selected, the app's interface will automatically display in the user's chosen language, providing a personalized and intuitive experience.

Looking to the Future

Every8.Cloud is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in an increasingly globalized world, and the addition of Ukrainian language localization is a significant step towards achieving that goal.

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