Introducing Language Localization Options!

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Introducing Language Localization Options!

Developing apps is a time and resource-consuming process. Just imagine going through all that work, testing, and finally getting excited about launching – only to have some colleagues be unable to use it, because of they speak French, Spanish, or another language!

The beauty of today’s globalized world is that no matter where you are, you can connect with people across the globe. But if you only ever work in English, you are limiting the market you can potentially tap into.

Developing multiple versions of the same app has always been an option.

But with input from some of our clients (with multiple offices in different locations), Every8.Cloud has added language localization support for English, French, and Spanish! Now, you can create a single app and define how the interface will look for each language.

Just imagine – for every app you develop, you can now sell it across the world! That’s a broader (potential) reach for your app, and more businesses will be able to take advantage of your work.

  • 275 million French speakers globally
  • 450 million Spanish speakers
  • Emerging markets like China, Brazil, Turkey, and others account for increasing amounts of global trade and global consumers

  • How It Works

    Developers can input multi-lingual meta-data (e.g. List Attributes) in the Application Builder View.

    From the end user’s point-of-view, they will be able to select the language they’d like to use in their profile.

    Going Forward

    We are looking to add many more language options – from Chinese to Inuktitut – shortly to help you reach more potential customers and stay competitive globally.

    Just one of many ways that Every8.Cloud is here to help businesses thrive!

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