Enhance Your Insights: Reporting Redefined

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Enhance Your Insights: Reporting Redefined

We are thrilled to unveil the new and completely revamped version of our Report Center!

This innovative module integrates a familiar spreadsheet mechanism, both visually and architecturally, ensuring a seamless transition for users accustomed to traditional data handling methods.

Enhance Your Insights: Reporting Redefined

Key Features

1️⃣ Dynamic Grouping: Organize your data with enhanced flexibility, making it easier to digest and analyze.

2️⃣ Color Themes: Customize your reports with a variety of color schemes that make your data not only more visually appealing but also more readable.

3️⃣ Drill-Through Capabilities: Delve deeper into your metrics with just a click, uncovering underlying data for better insights.

4️⃣ Selective Highlighting and Copying: Effortlessly highlight and copy specific parts of your reports, enhancing the usability of your compiled data.

5️⃣ Export Options: With added functionality to export reports directly into PDF and Excel formats, sharing and presenting your data has never been easier.

Advanced Capabilities of the Enhanced Report Builder

Based on a familiat SQL-defined dataset, our new Report Builder includes extended definitions of data types and formats, along with intuitive descriptions of filters, parameters, structure, and the visual appearance of the report.

Enhance Your Insights: Reporting Redefined

It also features custom event handlers for enhanced drill-through capabilities. All this functionality is at your service in our newly updated Report Builder, which, like all our features, supports multiple languages.

Need Advanced Features?

In the script section, you can define any business logic, from complex drill-through that triggers other reports or displays data, to setting up conditional formatting.

Enhance Your Insights: Reporting Redefined

Step into the future of reporting with – where data meets design!

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