Embrace the change with Every8.Cloud!

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Embrace the change with Every8.Cloud!

Imagine you're heading to the beach one day. You arrive and start searching for the perfect spot to lay your beach towel. You find the ideal place, considering the angle of the sun, the texture of the sand, and the shade provided by the trees, and you end up spending a beautiful day by the sea. The following day, you return to the same beach and are faced with the same choice: where to place your towel? Numerous studies suggest you are likely to choose the same spot. We tend to select the same seats on the bus and reserve the same bike for cycling classes. This pattern of behavior is a testament to how the human mind operates. The affirmation of prior positive experiences offers us a sense of safety and stability. Sometimes, we fall into this routine without realizing that we are willingly stepping into the same 'trap' repeatedly.

You may also relate to this scenario: You're on vacation, and although you're supposed to be relaxing, your brain is tirelessly working, going through recent projects and issues. With no emails to answer or phone calls to make, your brain shifts into creative mode. Ideas on optimization flood in, some processes might even need replacing with more efficient ones. The sense of satisfaction is so strong that you're eager to implement these ideas, and they're so compelling that you consider writing them down.

What happens next is, when you return from vacation and arrive at the office, you’ve got a hundred emails to reply, and this usual work routine pushes these creative ideas further and further away. Days later, these sparks of innovation feel like distant thoughts, and you find yourself thinking, "Yes, that would have been nice."

As time passes, our brains tend to take the path of least resistance, switching to this "would be nice" mode earlier and earlier, when you take the plain back from vacation, may be the day before getting back from vacation, until it no longer enters that creative state. Why bother, right?

What does this have to do with you?

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that every day you open your computer and use outdated, inefficient software for the same reasons: it is familiar, and change feels daunting. Some of your colleagues might argue that innovating isn't part of their job description and continue to repeat the same errors, laboring for hours on tasks that could be automated. Many processes and applications are used not because they are the best available, but because they have been around for so long, they're perceived as safe and reliable. This is often due to a variety of reasons: budget constraints, time, or the fear of change.

How do we approach this at Every8.Cloud?

We don't just believe that we have the best product on the market for business automation; we're confident that we can provide the same sense of safety and stability you're accustomed to when you use our products and services. We stand with you against your greatest barriers to innovation and creative change – against the fear of the new and unknown. There's no reasonable request in the field of business automation that can't be improved upon and automated. We're not just offering a product; we're offering a versatile platform capable of addressing most of your business challenges.

Embrace the change with Every8.Cloud!

For real-life examples of how companies have navigated and embraced change with our platform, visit our Customer Stories.

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