Easily Build and Integrate Apps Using Every8.Cloud APIs

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Easily Build and Integrate Apps Using Every8.Cloud APIs

In our earlier posts, we gained insights on webhooks. We discovered how these features help our customers synchronize data, triggers events, automate workflows, and achieve a whole lot more.

In this post, let’s decode what APIs are and how these can add value to your business.

What Is An API?

An API is a technical protocol that allows software applications to communicate with other systems. In short, you can consider it as an intermediator between two different applications. By utilizing APIs, you can connect data streams and functionalities between various apps, systems, platforms, and third-party products.

Sounds interesting? There is a lot that can be achieved with APIs.

Here’s How Our Some of Our Customers Are Using Every8.Cloud APIs

Let’s find out how our customers from various industries are using our APIs.

Legal Industry

Law firms find it challenging to manage their case records, organize contacts, and track documents. Although there are several software applications in the market, they are often complex and lack essential features. Built in the cloud, with incredible automation capabilities, quickly develop business apps based on your needs. We provide API integration capabilities so that you can easily connect and interact with other systems (case management, document management, time tracking, scheduling, billing & invoicing) for an integrated experience. Free up time to focus on high-value activities.

Logistics and Transportation

A highly time-sensitive industry, it is essential for business owners to keep a close tab on schedules, orders, bookings, and shipments. Relying on multiple systems to run operations can impact your business - a minor lapse can result in loss of revenue. Every8.Cloud platform makes it easy to build apps that allow you to automate & optimize routes, order management, supplier collaboration, real-time tracking, end-to-end integration, and reporting using a single platform. Our robust REST API framework facilitates easy integration across disparate systems, improving visibility, collaboration, and synchronization.

Childcare Centres

Early learning and child care services provide a safe and nurturing environment for our kids. We believe their focus should be on kids rather than technology. By factoring our clients’ needs, we have developed business apps for childcare centres that can easily connect with their current systems (learning platforms, attendance management, parent communication, billing & invoicing) using standard API protocols. Now, all activities can be managed from an easy-to-use cloud-based solution.

Fueling Innovation

Every8.Cloud’s API frameworks are helping businesses across industries to improve their apps by enabling seamless integration capabilities. Easily connect Every8.Cloud platform apps with your existing platforms without extensive coding or integration issues, it is as simple as plug and play. Free your time and focus on things that matter the most.

Why Should You Use APIs?

  • Bring flexibility to your app development
  • Automate repetitive processes to improve efficiency
  • Integrate all your systems with minimal coding
  • Get a 360-degree view of your business

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