Build, Enhance and Improve Your Every8.Cloud Apps Using Webhooks

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Build, Enhance and Improve Your Every8.Cloud Apps Using Webhooks

Listen for events in your app and automatically trigger actions.

Before we get started, let us quickly gain a quick overview of webhooks.

What is a Webhook?

To put it across in simple terms, webhooks are a way by which web/cloud-based applications connect with third-party applications to send and receive real-time notifications, whenever specific events are triggered. Webhooks provide applications a way to consume new event data from an endpoint. In our upcoming blog, we will be focusing on endpoints, please subscribe and stay tuned.

From a technical perspective, webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks that are triggered by specific events. It is quite likely that you might get confused between the terms API and webhooks. Webhooks are often referred to as reverse APIs or HTTP push APIs. However, there is a fundamental difference between these two - APIs works on request mechanisms, whereas webhooks work on event-based mechanisms, making them far more efficient when compared to APIs. Moreover, webhooks are considerably easy to implement and maintain.

Key Benefits of Webhooks

Here are some high-level benefits of webhooks:

  • Automate tasks, workflows, processes without extensive coding.
  • Send/receive instant, real-time notifications, whenever events are triggered.
  • Automatically push data from one web app to another.
  • A flexible and open architecture makes webhooks highly scalable.
  • Keeps your data is in-sync across multiple web entities.

Leveraging Webhooks to Power Your Business

Webhooks offer some amazing benefits to businesses operating across various segments, right from manufacturing, and logistics to e-commerce. Here are some real-time examples:

  • Easily enable your marketing teams to manage their mailing lists, e.g. whenever a new customer is added in your CRM tool, automatically include them in your mailing lists.
  • Automatically alert your finance teams when your client makes a payment.
  • Configure your applications to send messages to the Slack channel, when a new order is received via your shopping site.
  • Send push notifications to your customers when deliveries reach their doorsteps.

As a result, they are great for getting new information where it is needed as soon as it becomes available

The Power of Webhooks

Get more out of your Every8.Cloud applications using webhooks. Find out how you can leverage webhooks to strengthen your cloud application’s capabilities and offer your teams/customers a superior experience. Every8.Cloud is a high-performance enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that allows you to build scalable cloud-based apps with minimal code. Every8.Cloud offers webhooks-based integration that enables users to configure their custom integrations with various third-party collaboration systems.

Every8.Cloud can truly transform the way your application interacts with third-party applications. The feature can be effectively utilized to achieve a variety of goals, right from synching data across multiple web applications to triggering an event across multiple applications, which is difficult with traditional APIs. There is a lot more that can be achieved using Every8.Cloud’s webhooks - the possibilities are endless.


Webhooks are rapidly changing the way we interact with web/cloud applications. Some of the world’s leading web applications including GitHub, Shopify, HubSpot, and other leading vendors are providing webhooks as a standard feature, many other vendors are keen to adopt webhooks to enable a superior experience.

Do you have questions about Every8.Cloud’s webhooks, or any other feature of our product? Don’t hesitate to reach out to technology experts at

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