Administration Workshop: Standard Email Templates

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Administration Workshop: Standard Email Templates

In the business world, staying ahead often means embracing change, especially when it comes to technology. Every8.Cloud has always been at the forefront of this, driven by our ambition to arm our clients with the most comprehensive suite of business automation tools. Business automation has long evolved from a tedious reactive process to a dynamic, proactive, and continuous search for process improvements to enhance a company's competitive position in the market. In this quest for the optimal solution, the involvement of all key players in your business is crucial. They must not only understand their role and the role of our tool but also see your Every8.Cloud as part of the team.

Recognizing the importance of tailored communication in this dynamic environment, we're excited to introduce a significant addition to the Every8.Cloud Platform: customizable standard message templates. This new feature is designed to bring a more personalized touch to your business's automated communications, from user registration emails to password resets and beyond.

The templates for standard messages are optional. If they are not configured, the system uses standard message templates. You will find detailed information in the documentation, in this article we just wanted to explain the main points of this functionality.

Setting up your custom message templates is straightforward and only requires a few steps:

1️⃣ Access the Control Panel: Start by logging into your Every8.Cloud account and navigating to the Control Panel. From there, go to Settings > System Templates. If it's your first visit here, don't worry if the list appears empty - that's about to change.

Administration Workshop: Standard Email Templates

2️⃣ Creating Your Template: Hit the Create button. You'll be prompted to select a template type - choose according to the communication you're looking to personalize. Each template type comes with its own set of customizable parameters, allowing you to craft the perfect message for each occasion.

Administration Workshop: Standard Email Templates

3️⃣ Final Touches and Activation: Once you've tailored your template to your satisfaction, the last steps are to save and activate it.

Just like that, you've added another layer of personalization to your business communication. We believe that technology should adapt to the business, not the other way around. This latest update is a reflection of that belief, empowering you to make Every8.Cloud truly your own. After all, in a world where every detail matters, why settle for generic when you can personalize?

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