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Activity Stream

Upgrade your company Intranet without borders.
One centralized tool to post company relevant information. Give your employees a tool that will engage and monitor their progress.

Company News

Extend the conversation in the comments, and get your whole team engaged and pulling together. Keep your company updated with the latest information.


Everyone in your organization will get the updates and information they need to do their jobs. No matter where your people are located, you can trust that they're working together toward the same goal.

Issue, Case, and Ticket Tracking

Follow customer support requests, software bugs, project tasks, cases, questions — whatever and however many things you want to track, you can follow the progress all in one place.

Rating System

Let people code on the best content with rating controls. Top content stands out, it’s easy for everyone to find the most valuable resources quickly.

Files, Video and Image Management

Attach files, embed videos, and upload photos to provide a vivid picture of best practices. One centralized place to store images, videos and other files.

Keep Teams in Harmony

Share collective knowledge and best practices in the same place conversation are happening. Keep everyone on the same page and executing.

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