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What SaaS Allows Us To Govern

As software becomes more of an unconscious decision SaaS (Software as a Service) marks its impact in the future. We have grown technologically in the past few years and this is only going to expand even more as time goes on.
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Feature Focus: Every8.Cloud's Application Builder

Every8.Cloud is made to make every part of your working day better, but where it really shines its application builder. The application builder's easy-to-use interface makes it possible for anyone, regardless of technological background, can make useful tools for their business.
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Is Your Intranet Measuring Up?

Is your intranet really doing everything it could to improve every part of your business? Every8th is completely customizable, and has a whole host of features that ensure you get the most out of your business platform.
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How Intranet and Corporate Culture are Similar

Corporate culture and intranet have a lot of similarities; when a company buys a ping pong table, it doesn't automatically make them a fun place to work. Similarly, when a company buys an intranet platform but doesn’t invest in it, it goes under-utilized, no matter how many bells and whistles it has. Find out how to make your intranet work for your business.
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Rapid Application Development & Every8.Cloud

Rapid Application Development, which is commonly shortened to “RAD”, is a model for creating software. Developed in the 1980s, RAD was aimed at creating software much faster than traditional methods, which often devoted months to planning alone. Simply put, RAD is focused on making usable software as quickly as possible.
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Our Integrated Philosophy

What is integration? In business, it simply means combining many aspects of a working business into one functional practice or system. It means taking things that are complicated and disconnected and making them work together. To Every8th, integration is a way of life, and we’ve incorporated it into both our philosophy and our platform.
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