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The Every8.Cloud Marketplace

Excited to take advantage of Every8.Cloud’s convenient apps – but not sure where to start?

Don’t fret!

We’re launching our app marketplace – a centralized space where you can see and/or install of the apps we currently have available, or request a customized app.

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Multi-App Feature on One Dashboard

Tired of dealing with so many business apps and accounts every day?

Every8.Cloud Mobile now has all of your software on one dashboard! If one department needs fully-fledged accounting software, and another one needs a few specific metrics about sales, you can download (or create) the custom app that each one needs – and have everything in one place.

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Text Messaging Service – Communicate in Real-time

According to a recent survey, an average office worker receives approximately 121 emails per day, about 15 emails per hour. On the contrary, recent research has indicated that 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes of delivery, which reveals its capabilities and making it a powerful communication tool. With Every8.Cloud’s text messaging service, you can start communicating with your customers in a personalized manner.

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Every8.Cloud Launches a Free COVID-19 Screening Tool

To support organizations to navigate the COVID-19 crisis,  we have launched a free COVID-19 screening tool. This new screening tool facilitates to quickly complete COVID-19 assessments without incurring costs related to the adoption of technology or implementing new solutions. A big number of companies are already using our service and they reported significant processing time and reduction in resources.

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Easily Build and Integrate Apps Using Every8.Cloud APIs

Discover how Every8.Cloud’s APIs facilitate easy integration across various systems, improving visibility, collaboration, and synchronization. Learn how our customers from diverse industries (Legal, Logistics & Transportation, Child Care Services) are using our API framework to easily integrate their existing applications (ERP, BI, or CRM) with minimal coding and able to gain a 360-degree of their business activities.

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Build and Scale Integrations Using Endpoints

Endpoints are communication channels between two APIs. In a development environment, APIs use webhooks to connect/access resources they need from a server to perform actions (example: To find out about order delivery status, tracking payments, sending automated emails, etc.). Webhooks function on the concept of requests/responses and endpoints act as facilitators of these exchanges.
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Build, Enhance and Improve Your Every8.Cloud Apps Using Webhooks

From a technical perspective, webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks that are triggered by specific events. It is quite likely that you might get confused between the terms API and webhooks. Webhooks are often referred to as reverse APIs or HTTP push APIs. However, there is a fundamental difference between these two - APIs works on request mechanisms, whereas webhooks work on event-based mechanisms, making them far more efficient when compared to APIs. Moreover, webhooks are considerably easy to implement and maintain.

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The Future of App Development is Here

Businesses are successful when they have a positive mindset: Focus your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new. For app developers in 2019, this sentiment is more relevant than ever.   Salesforce calls it the Fourth Industrial…
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ATTN: Coders - Your Job is Still Secure!

Low-code is evolving and is no longer an infant in the app development market. Forrester predicts low-code adoption will grow at a rate of 50 to 55 percent each year between now and 2022.   Low-code is becoming available to businesses and is lig…
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Taking Back Your IT with Low-code Development

Your business has many moving parts. There is the HR department that takes care of the hiring process; the managers who take care of employees and their billable hours, there is warehousing… and there are salespeople who need to be managed and customer accounts that need to be nurtured. You are running a serious operation here. But, how smoothly and efficiently is it actually running?
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Redefining ‘Custom’

This transformation is marked by a critical differentiating factor: instead of paying an arm and a leg to develop an app by an application development company, there now exists a significantly less expensive alternative.
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Have it Your Way!

Ever feel like a prisoner of standardized software platforms, and the “best practices” that are bounded by each? Do you find yourself considering a “go-to” solution for one business operation only to encounter a problem: you’ve adopted software for one activity, but need to find an entirely different platform for another part of your business.
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Digital Transformation: The Next Frontier in Operational Improvement

Companies are realizing more and more that there is a need to push the envelope when it comes to their business processes, and, are shifting towards becoming more digitally-run enterprises. They have internalized that automating and streamlining business processes is a step towards creating more efficient workflows and increasing productivity.
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