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How We Evolve With The Speed of Your Business

Did you know that the Every8.Cloud platform evolves with the speed of your business? Our COVID Screening App is a great example.

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, we saw companies fumbling around with paperwork to screen people coming in and out of their build... So we created a free, easy-to-use COVID Screening Solution that automates this process.

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The Every8.Cloud Mobile App

It’s Monday morning, and as you’re driving to the office, you hear beep after beep after beep on your phone. You can’t look, but it’s probably more messages coming in – on top of the 81 messages already waiting on you.

And by the way – whatever happened to your employee’s appointment from last Friday? Did the sale go through?!

As a business owner, you’ve experienced many stressful mornings. It’s not just the business itself – sometimes, it’s also that technology is giving you more things to worry about, instead of making your life easier.

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Get Instant Sales Reports

Tired of having to search though old invoices and Excel sheets to compile data about sales?

The Every8.Cloud Report Builder app allows you to create and customize sales reports, with many other perks.

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Develop With Every8.Cloud!

Are you a talented developer, looking to put your skills to good use?

Come and develop with Every8.Cloud! We will help you develop your app and promote it; you reap the benefits. 

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Send Automatic ‘Thank You’ E-Mails to Your Clients

Your business deals with hundreds (or thousands, or tens of thousands) transactions in a day. How do you follow through with necessary next-steps for each one when you’re operating at that volume – and when you have so many other things competing for y…
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Copying Modules Between Apps Has Never Been Easier!

You’re developing an awesome new app with Every8.Cloud! But wait – how do you get your app to every client, without constantly re-doing work?With Every8.Cloud, copying modules between apps has never been easier:Quickly and easily get an installation pa…
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The Every8.Cloud Marketplace

Excited to take advantage of Every8.Cloud’s convenient apps – but not sure where to start?

Don’t fret!

We’re launching our app marketplace – a centralized space where you can see and/or install of the apps we currently have available, or request a customized app.

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Multi-App Feature on One Dashboard

Tired of dealing with so many business apps and accounts every day?

Every8.Cloud Mobile now has all of your software on one dashboard! If one department needs fully-fledged accounting software, and another one needs a few specific metrics about sales, you can download (or create) the custom app that each one needs – and have everything in one place.

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Text Messaging Service – Communicate in Real-time

According to a recent survey, an average office worker receives approximately 121 emails per day, about 15 emails per hour. On the contrary, recent research has indicated that 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes of delivery, which reveals its capabilities and making it a powerful communication tool. With Every8.Cloud’s text messaging service, you can start communicating with your customers in a personalized manner.

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Every8.Cloud Launches a Free COVID-19 Screening Tool

To support organizations to navigate the COVID-19 crisis,  we have launched a free COVID-19 screening tool. This new screening tool facilitates to quickly complete COVID-19 assessments without incurring costs related to the adoption of technology or implementing new solutions. A big number of companies are already using our service and they reported significant processing time and reduction in resources.

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