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The Ultimate Guide to Every8.Cloud: Why It Will Give You a Competitive Advantage

Imagine a world with no technology; no smartphones, no computers, even no internet! Seems impossible, right? That is why almost every business in the world has some sort of technology associated with it, whether it’s in the form of a program, application, or website.

We have developed the Every8.Cloud platform as a fully functional, integrated PaaS (platform-as-a-service) with features and components that will change the game for both your developers and users – making your business thrive.  

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What is Report center and how to use it

From the moment you ask your special guy to create a new report, how long does it usually take before you can use it?

Days? Hours?

With our new Report center, it will take minutes!

You might even consider giving your special guy some other tasks to do while you create your own reports yourself.

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Simplify Your Employee Training With Every8.Cloud

It’s an all too familiar scenario – you hire one new person, and the stress begins.

“How do we train her? Will she learn quickly enough? How will she fit in with everyone else?”

Because even if you have an HR department, there are so many variables with each new employee – so many potential pitfalls, so many things you have to foresee. And that’s without getting into the fact that most employees are on different comfort levels with tech!

But here’s the good news: Every.Cloud streamlines so much of your work, that we can actually eliminate some extra tech and cross-department training.

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How Every8.Cloud Speaks Your Language: Domain-Driven Design

Want to get automation software, but worried about talking at cross-purposes with IT people who don't speak the language of business?

Every8.Cloud uses domain-driven design to get a "big picture" understanding of what you do, the data you work with, and what we can automate for you. This allows business and IT staff to work together, and reduces the likelihood that our developers will get stuck in the minutiae of code.

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Access via QR Codes

Need to access your Every8.Cloud portal quickly – or have clients who do? You’re in luck, because Every8.Cloud also offers access via QR code!

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JUGIDO Roadmap

Even though JUGIDO lets you manage to-do lists, projects, and deadlines (alone or as a team), and even though its interface is SO much simpler (and less cluttered) than other project management tools:

We're still working on improving it.

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Our Secret Recipe: Rapid Application Development

Do you remember the moment when you first heard about business getting disrupted due to COVID?

Jack Pott (CEO) certainly does. No business owner could possibly miss it: We’re sorry to inform you that we must interrupt “business-as-usual.”

But unlike so many others, Mr. Pott was not worried. His company, A. Corp, began using the Every8.Cloud platform over 2 years ago. After getting and implementing all of the software in just one week (!!), Mr. Pott has always been able to change and edit anything he needs, at any time...

The question is: why isn’t every business this prepared?

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Have It Your Way: On-Going Adaptations with Every8.Cloud

Remember the last time a part of your business became obsolete?

Of course you do.

Today’s world is unpredictable; we can’t even know what our company will need in 5 years from now. That’s why working with Every8.Cloud isn’t just a one-time deal.

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Introducing Relevé 24!

If you run a child-centered organization in Québec, you probably know about the tax files you have to submit for childcare expenses.

Our partner, First BIT Canada, has released Relevé 24 on the Every8.Cloud platform to help you to file the necessary information, and automatically send it to Revenu Quebec

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JUGIDO: The Hottest New Project Management Tool

Have countless “to-do” items? Tired of good ideas and important data being forgotten in e-mails, or in busy chat logs?

The Every8.Cloud App Marketplace now offers JUGIDO (“Just Get It Done”), the hottest new project management tool.

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Customized Access For Each Every8.Cloud User

You might be excited to take advantage of Every8.Cloud’s many features – but wait! What if you have management, regular employees, and clients who all interact with your business (one way or another)?

Don’t they all need different things?

Thankfully, Every8.Cloud has got your back: we have a different interface for each user.

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Introducing Language Localization Options!

The beauty of today’s globalized world is that no matter where you are, you can connect with people across the globe. But if you only ever work in English, you are limiting the market you can potentially tap into.

Every8.Cloud has added language localization support for English, French, and Spanish! Now, you can create a single app and define how the interface will look for each language.

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Knowledge Management - A Flexible, One-Stop Library

Ever go through the trouble of meticulously recording training manuals or instructions – only for that info to shortly become obsolete?

That is why at Every8.Cloud, our Knowledge Management app is built with flexibility in mind.

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