The Ultimate Guide to Every8.Cloud: Why It Will Give You a Competitive Advantage

Imagine a world with no technology; no smartphones, no computers, even no internet! Seems impossible, right? That is why almost every business in the world has some sort of technology associated with it, whether it’s in the form of a program, application, or website. But most of the time it takes many years and tons of money to develop new technology, and often it turns out not so user friendly – meaning that it has to be redone over and over again until they finally get it right. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the time or resources for that, which is exactly why the Every8.Cloud platform was developed - to solve your business needs all in one place and in record time by making the interaction level between the human (user/developer) and computer as simple and efficient as possible.

The most important goal for any business is to create amazing products and services for their users while making them as fast and flawless as possible. With the same goal in mind, we have developed the Every8.Cloud platform as a fully functional, integrated PaaS (platform-as-a-service) with features and components that will change the game for both your developers and users – making your business thrive.

Now we’ll tell you everything you need to know to gain your competitive advantage!

Powerful Simplicity for Developers

Did you know that some programs take years to develop? Most businesses don’t have the time and resources to spend, but they know that technology is an important part of their user experience and business model. This is why we created the Every8.Cloud platform – it enables concepts to go from technical to straightforward for the developer so that you can save your developers tons of valuable time programming, designing, and maintaining as well as the headache of coding from scratch. 

Let’s go over some key reasons that make this platform ideal for developers:

  1. It allows developers to easily manage all of their data. The developer is able to use the objects of the platform to change the properties of the stored data without using complex programming languages; the system provides the support required for standard business objects. 
  2. The platform allows different types of intuitive entities to be created such as unique objects and objects that will completely change based on the content. This approach allows developers to easily handle different tasks according to the type of entities. This is exactly the reason why developers are able to quickly and easily adjust; by knowing what each entity represents and how it is used.
  3. By having predefined components it allows for the standardization of the platform, thus supporting multiple solutions to business needs. Each component is responsible for representing a particular business need (e.g. lists, enumerations, reports, business processes, etc.). All the developer has to do is choose the correct component with the data provided. 
  4. The use of a single platform for a large number of projects allows the developer to spend minimal effort to find the necessary solution in almost any situation. The developer simply just tells the platform the information which then allows the system to automatically build the program. This simplifies the design and programming process and greatly reduces the work time and content needed. 
  5. The platform provides the developer with a specific model to work with and contains all of the tools required to develop, administer, and maintain everything they create. This means that the capability of the platform’s resources is ideal for the construction of technologies and the environment in which they operate since it is simple to understand for any developer. Because only one system of data types is needed for creating interfaces and development, it becomes much easier to use, the task is done with minimal effort and time, and to make things even easier the platform makes sure there are no errors.
  6. The platform does not require a deep understanding of technical details of development since the projects are not literally coded in a programming language. By telling the platform the composition, structure, features, and connection of each part of the program, the platform is able to do a lot on its own. This means that companies can enter the market in a much shorter time (several months versus several years).
  7. Developers can conveniently transfer functions from one project to another, allowing for flexibility, faster development, and solving more tasks since source code files won’t need to be analyzed. 

Easy to Understand for Users

Users want technology that is fast, easy-to-use, and has beautiful interfaces that will keep them engaged. The Every8.Cloud platform gets all of this done, making the user experience absolutely seamless every single time.

Let’s go over some key reasons that make this platform ideal for users:

  1. The platform is a cloud computing platform, meaning that no installation and no active management by the user is required as all of the data centers contain the storage, servers, and software. 
  2. The platform allows users to easily manage all of their data. The user can easily edit objects by controlling elements, create their own reports and configure automated tasks. And the best part – they can do all of this without the help of a developer!
  3. Users can have multiple applications in one environment, making it much easier to switch between applications as necessary and have everything they need all in one place.
  4. The interface is the same for all projects, allowing users to easily be able to work with any other project on the platform once they have understood how to use one. 

…And Everything Else You Need for Your Business

  1. It will save time and money to hire new developers as needed since all that would matter is understanding the data structure of the platform – they won’t have to spend months learning new complex programming languages. A new developer can easily change and adjust something that has already been created since the projects aren’t made from scratch so they are much easier to modify. This allows for the separation between the platform and the developers, meaning a high level of adaptability for the specific needs of the business.
  2. The platform is supplied so that you have everything you could possibly need – from entering minuscule changes to significantly modifying things such as the data structure.
  3. Intuitive functions with minimal effort such as the report builder which allows for the creation of reports. All the developer or user has to do is describe which information they want to be analyzed in the report and the report builder does the rest (grouping by rows and columns, data sorting, etc.).
  4. The platform can be used in several languages and each developer and user can easily work with one of the languages in the platform by simply switching at any time and editing content in the chosen language. Translation is made simple with the platform as dates and numbers match the requirements of different countries and languages according to the standards of the specific country.
  5. You can easily change access rights by creating restrictions for certain individuals (e.g. give access to employee names only to users in specific departments).

So what is the main reason you should use Every8.Cloud?

The most important aspect of the Every8.Cloud platform is that there are many ways to implement it to expand your business but they are all based on one model – meaning that you save your developers lots of time and your users get a seamless experience every time. 

The platform is created in a way that the developer can concentrate on solving business needs rather than wasting time writing endless amounts of code. Everything from tools to user interfaces are created in a single system which makes it easy for users to understand and utilize. This will increase productivity by making the development quick and pain-free and at the same time boost consumer engagement and profits since your users will have an amazing experience using your new software.

The Every8.Cloud end-to-end platform is everything you need to create seamless technology, save time and money, and gain a competitive advantage for your business like never before.

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and gain your competitive advantage?

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