Simplify Your Employee Training With Every8.Cloud

It’s an all too familiar scenario – you hire one new person, and the stress begins.

“How do we train her? Will she learn quickly enough? How will she fit in with everyone else?”

Because even if you have an HR department, there are so many variables with each new employee – so many potential pitfalls, so many things you have to foresee.

And that’s without getting into the fact that most employees are on different comfort levels with tech, and the training challenges that that presents. (The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2022, 54% of employees are going to need significant tech training.)

But here’s the good news: Every.Cloud streamlines so much of your work, that we can actually eliminate some extra tech and cross-department training.

Here’s how:

Easy-to-Use Interface

When you login to Every8.Cloud, the first thing you will notice is how ridiculously simple and minimalist our interface is: only what you need is there. (So there is no pre-set interface that everyone has to use, with clutter that doesn’t apply to your work!)

Every aspect of Every.Cloud is made this simplicity in mind.

And why does that matter for employee training?

No matter what industry you work in, you probably have vast amount of data to work with.

Let’s take the example of trucking companies, managing a yard with trucks and containers. These companies often deal with hundreds, if not thousands of containers just in their yard – in addition to trucks.

So there is the challenge of both tracking all of this data in a coherent system, and training new employees to be able to do the same. Theoretically, they can use generic office software – but we all know that lags and other issues are common with these tools.

With Every.Cloud, you can track everything in real-time, with a live view of yard resources (making the process more efficient for everyone involved):

It couldn’t possibly be any simpler!
Make changes with just a few clicks.

Even a non-tech savvy employee could learn to use this in minutes. And unlike other (generic) office tools, there is no need to save and download recent drafts. The Every8.Cloud interface takes care of many aspects that could have otherwise confused employees or caused lags.

For Each Department

Because Every8.Cloud is a company-wide platform, any and every employee can use it, in any department.

For example, if you run a law office:

  • All employees can submit timesheets and other routine data.
  • Each lawyer can be assigned a case or deal to work on, and will subsequently be able to follow it through its life-cycle, add any necessary info, etc.*
  • Your accounting department can see and update tax info.
  • Your HR department can review/approve timesheets, payroll, and more.
  • Etc.

All departments can be trained on the same tech once, and you’re good to go!

(*Because Every8.Cloud allows companies you to customize access/permissions for each user, you can set it so that each lawyer only sees the cases assigned to them personally. This will protect the confidentiality of your legal clients.)

Work Together

Every8.Cloud allows different users within the same company to log on at the same time and edit (or add) things together in real-time. So once trained, employees can work together seamlessly – including real-time edits and other changes.


Employee training can sometimes feel like an uphill battle – both due to human factors and tech factors.

But at Every.Cloud, we don’t just make work easier: we eliminate some of it, so that you have time for the things that matter most.

What are you waiting for? Let us show you how we can take you light years above your competition.

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