De Grandpré Jolicoeur Sucess Story - Assemblée Virtuelle

It was an April evening, and tensions were running high. Every person in the room was holding their breath, knowing that within minutes, we would be live – live with software we had never used before.

Software that had to not only “work” (in terms of audio and video), but that also had to track people joining or leaving the meeting in real-time. And ensure that only the intended parties were able to join. And that had to count votes – in accordance with co-ownership laws about the weight of each person’s vote.

Everything about this experience was novel and exciting. Throughout 2020, a lot has been said about businesses adjusting to the “new normal” in light of COVID. But what if you don’t have time to adjust?

At De Grandpré Jolicoeur, we are a well-established law firm with decades of experience serving our clients. When COVID hit, we knew that nothing would put the real estate market to sleep – and stopping all meetings was never an option.

We reached out to Every8.Cloud team with a vision of what we needed. But it is one thing to have an idea, and quite another to get that idea implemented – and implemented fast, like an airplane being built during take-off itself.

The beauty is that it worked.

Our first meeting via Assemblée Virtuelle was a resounding success, with almost a hundred people attending in total, and with every aspect of the meeting – audio and video, privacy concerns, legal matters –accounted for, and working seamlessly.

With Assemblée Virtuelle, we can:

  • Keep track of attendees joining and leaving a meeting in real-time, 
  • Authenticate co-owner participation in a meeting (so that people without access cannot join),
  • Get real-time displays of the agenda and meeting minutes,
  • Perform and process votes in real-time,
  • Have quorum calculated automatically, with a precision that would not be possible in large, in-person gatherings, and
  • Have simultaneous translations during meetings.

  • Just using Skype or Zoom, we would not have been able to include the voting process in the software itself. We would have had to count votes manually (and record them in Excel), where we would also have to calculate how much each vote counts (in line with co-ownership laws).

    And that would be under the best of circumstances – where people aren’t dropping in and out of the meeting.

    Thankfully, Assemblée Virtuelle automates a lot of the tedious work for us.

    In this way, we have been able to host 260 meetings with almost 40,000 participants. Assemblée Virtuelle has revolutionized our business, and because of the convenience, we might continue to use it post-COVID – even when large gatherings are allowed again.

    No other software company has created anything close to Assemblée Virtuelle. Other virtual-meeting platforms do not count votes or quorum with such precision – and, more importantly, no other company would have worked day and night to create a customized platform, based on what we needed and what the syndicates needed: the real experience of the condo meeting by co-owners, by computer, tablet, smartphone, or even a regular phone.

    In every crisis, there is a possibility of failure. The beauty of our partnership with Every8.Cloud is how they rose to the challenge – create a novel solution to make our vision real, and helping us soar.

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