Introducing Relevé 24!

If you run a child-centered organization in Québec, you probably know about the tax files you have to submit for childcare expenses.

But like any other bureaucratic task, leaving this work to the last minute might leave you in a panic.

Thankfully, Relevé 24 is here to save the day!

Our partner, First BIT Canada, has released this one-stop tech system on the Every8.Cloud platform. It allows you to file the necessary information and automatically send it to Revenu Quebec, instead of paying exorbitant fees to an accounting company.

How It Works

  1. Enter or Submit Your Data (e.g. from Excel)
  2. Produce and Validate the Summaries (Automatically Generated by our System)
  3. Print the Reports - Including for Parents and the Federal Report
  4. Submit to Revenu Québec. (Our software automatically prepares the files in XML format, ready to be sent to Revenu Québec.)

It really is that simple!

The Relevé 24 Advantage

Simple and Intuitive Interface.

Our interface is made with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind.

Import Files Directly From Excel.

If you have pre-existing Excel files, you can save time by avoiding manual input, and ensure that your records are consistent and accurate by directly importing the data.

Accessible From Any Device.

As a cloud product, Relevé 24 can be accessed from any browser, anywhere in the world – just log in with your credentials.

No need to fixate on a single laptop or computer with particular software on it.

It is also available on mobile.


Using Relevé 24 is vastly more affordable than outsourcing this work to an accounting company.

What are you waiting for?

Hundreds of users are already taking advantage of Releve 24 to get their taxes filed quickly and painlessly. You can join them:

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