A new app on the Every8.Cloud marketplace: Resource Booking

What will happen when people go back to work? Have you thought about the chaotic work environment you’re about to enter? With so many teams back to work, office boardroom booking might be a major challenge. Having an organized meeting room booking system is crucial for getting the best out of business premises - for both employees and clients. 

The new Resource Booking app on the Every8.Cloud marketplace is devised to let businesses organize the meeting and board rooms in a synchronized manner without having dedicated staff members scheduling individual slots.

How can the Resource Booking app benefit your business?

The business world keeps on evolving to be more dynamic and technologically advanced, enterprises are adopting unique mechanisms to cope up with remote work challenges. However, as businesses design the workplaces of the post-Covid-19 era, you need to adopt an effortless booking system that allows workplaces to efficiently organize boardroom access and meeting schedules with clients. 

  • The Resource Booking App on the Every8.cloud marketplace comes with a reservation dashboard - where you can maintain boardroom booking schedules.
  • Your teams can reserve office boardrooms, simply inputting specific dates and times. 
  • The reservation calendar allows you to book a meeting room - weeks and months in advance. 
  • Select the date and time, then enter a title, start-end timings and other details.
  • An intelligent booking application that needs no dedicated teams taking care of the booking schedules.

Intuitive interface

Easy to use, from your admin, management to hierarchy professionals, everyone can conveniently use the simple dashboard.

Avoid double booking

Minimize errors like double booking by implementing triggers, send error notifications if there’s an existing similar booking on the system.

Access from any device

Access the Resource Booking app on any device you want (mobile, tablet, desktop), book boardrooms, meeting rooms and office spaces on the go. 

Give your business an added advantage in the new era of modern work settings.

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