Customized Access For Each Every8.Cloud User

You might be excited to take advantage of Every8.Cloud’s many features – but wait! What if you have management, regular employees, and clients who all interact with your business (one way or another)?

Don’t they all need different things?

Thankfully, Every8.Cloud has got your back: we have a different interface for each user.

For example, for a daycare:

  • A manager can log into their personal Every8.Cloud, see all of their apps, and control access permissions for others.
  • An employee can log into their personal Every8.Cloud and see all of the apps, features to which they have access.
  • Each parent can log into the app and see an online COVID screening test for their child, and news about their child.

  • Just one of many ways Every8.Cloud is built with your business in mind.

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