Business Process Management (BPM): How BPM Supports the Modern Work Environment

Thinking of how to switch your employees’ attention to value-added tasks and streamline routine duties? Seems daunting right? Given that your teams are already overwhelmed with so many responsibilities, micromanaging your resources isn’t a solution but automating day-to-day tasks is. Recall the time when a customer support response has been slipped through the crack or when you didn’t receive important business operational information (e.g. sales invoices and the number of orders).

As a business owner, you would like to get notified about every event taking place in your organization, in a nutshell, getting the right information at the right time is the key to business efficiency. The new-age businesses are going the extra mile with Business Process Management, automating business processes that matter most for them. Processes are the core of a business - BPM is a framework that denotes the pathways and flow of activities that run between different business functions. 

The Every8.Cloud platform is an enterprise-grade low-code platform that allows you to implement business processes with low-code capabilities and tons of business-process modules and standard applications available on its marketplace.

Let’s look at some of the automation we’ve implemented.

Freight Brokerage Shipment Cycle

Be it negotiating with carriers, filling damage, loss claim or making sure that the shipment is packaged properly, freight brokers manage several shipments from pick-up to delivery. Nevertheless, the shipment cycle doesn’t have to be intimidating as business process automation puts these tasks at ease and lets freight brokers have peace of mind.

For instance, an order comes in > load matching and pricing get formulated based on the carrier database on the system>order pick-up and delivery times get scheduled > a notification pops in before a scheduled order to be picked up > one of your team members initiates a check-in call (double checking carrier’s details: driver’s name, trailer type, etc.) > loading data gets submitted and verified> automated GPS dispatching and tracking details get generated - from freight moving to delivery.

Having this complete process implemented on the Every8.Cloud business process module, you can cut down half of the manual work and error threats. 

Technical Support Process

Here’s another real-life example of automating a technical support process with Business Process Management:

A technical support request comes in > client information gets validated> for an existing client, a ticket gets generated automatically>for an anonymous client with no record in the system, information gets validated>a new lead gets created > it gets routed to the sales team > a new ticket gets generated> the ticket gets assigned to the support team > it gets reviewed > emergency issues get forwarded to the technical support director for the final resolution.

Every8.Cloud business process editor

Imagine simplifying such complex processes using a business process model. Similarly, you can create separate models like this for each of your departments - from HR, Marketing, Sales to Customer Support. 

What is Business Process Management and how it gives your organization an added advantage?

Business Process Management (BPM) is a step-by-step method of designing and optimizing workflows in an organized fashion to reach business objectives. It’s a systematic method to increase business productivity - automating process-oriented tasks. 

For example, you run an e-commerce business, how do you plan on making optimal use of your resources and get more done in a short span? The answer lies with Business Process Management.

Automate the process of notifying customers once they place an order with the following alerts:  order acceptance > shipment details > delivery confirmation.

Get started with BPM

Starting from modelling your unique business process to testing, monitoring and optimizing the process, it’s all about adapting to logical tasks to get the best out of the processes you implement.

Break down your process into segments and then implement tasks step-by-step or remodel your existing process to improve accuracy. (e.g. Outline activities of a specific department (HR to payroll) - collecting time records, calculating pay and deductions, making payment to the employees, simply input these tasks in your BPM model to automate)

Implement unified workflows and business processes on the Every8.Cloud platform

Run multiple BPM at the same time

Every8.Cloud, being a low-code cloud platform, allows you to run multiple business processes at the same time, the powerful simplicity of cloud lets you store all your business data on the same platform. 

Leverage the simplicity of low-code

The platform is extremely user-friendly, you can easily implement Business Process Management without any coding background. The simplicity of a low-code platform allows you to create workflow diagrams to create a seamless business process. This makes it easier for executives, developers and other team members to automate tasks without spending hours on programming.

Design business process modelling with ease

The uncomplicated interface allows you to automate business processes yourself. For instance, you can automatically trigger an action when an event takes place. 

Take the same example of customer support here - when a customer reaches out to the support team> a ticket gets generated automatically > then the ticket gets evaluated and  assigned to the respective support teams.

Unleash the advantage of the drag and drop method

Having the advantage of the simple drag and drop method, you can leverage a new level of business process design capability. The Every8.Cloud platform comes with straightforward drag and drop functionality, allowing you to start process optimization in minutes. 

Make use of standard applications

The Every8.Cloud marketplace consists of several standard applications for businesses to make use of existing resources instead of developing new apps. Whether you need a resource booking app or task manager, you’ll find pre-built applications, all you need to do is customize your required fields, add columns, labels and input your data accordingly. Besides, use the intuitive dashboard to make segments, such as company KPIs, activity streams, timesheets, etc.

Set your enterprise on the path of success with Business Process Management

Well-thought-out business processes can lead your teams to the new heights of success - decreasing downtime, complexity and labour needed to put your business operations into effect. 

Every8.Cloud’s user-friendly platform interface, low-code capability and business process modules make standardizing your business process hassle-free.

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