Boost Cross-collaboration Between Your Remote Teams On a Unified Workspace

The work-from-home transition has changed the way we have operated virtual office tools over the years. As COVID-19 spiked from early 2020, businesses around the world have adopted remote operations as the new normal. Cross-collaborations between teams is the key to achieving business goals and it’s only possible when you have the liberty to work and collaborate with ease from any corner of the world.

Why is cross-collaboration so important?

Think of it as a team meeting, where all your business domains come together to share ideas and collaborate towards accomplishing the same objectives. As your business grows, it is quite common for individual teams to slowly form fragmented units. 

Often when there is a lack of communication between different teams within the same business, people start working on distinctive goals that are at odds with each other. Cross-functional collaboration allows teams to be transparent with one another focusing on clients’ requirements. 

How Every8.Cloud helps to build a robust cross-collaboration environment

The idea is to give your teams a unified space where they can share work updates, collaborate and access simultaneously in real-time. The Every8.Cloud platform is designed keeping these ultimatums in mind.

Let’s explore how your teams can leverage a working-together approach.

From training your new hires to accessing business data in a coherent system, with Every8.Cloud, you can track everything in real-time with a live view. 

All employees can submit timesheets and other routine work data on a single easy-to-use platform.

Each employee can be assigned to different projects, and will subsequently be able to follow it through its life-cycle, add important updates as necessary.

Your HR team can access the Every8.Cloud platform with ease to review timesheets, payrolls and more.

You have the option to implement role-based access/permissions for each user to protect the confidentiality of each project. 

Your developers can work on developing multiple applications on a single platform at the same time. 

Let your teams collaborate and grow together!


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