7 Secrets of Using Enterprise Low-Code Application Development

Refresh your memory and think about the first time in decades all the businesses went remote in 2020. Painful isn’t it? Aligning all your teams to one another was a real challenge- in fact, it still exists as many of the businesses are still operating remotely. Whether it’s a business enterprise or a development partner, both have gone through the same twinge.

In 2020, low-code application development has evolved as a mainstream solution for businesses, fast-tracking business processes and application development time. With the increasing remote work environment and technical difficulties encountered by business owners, low-code app development is taking over the digital world.

Accelerating your business processes is the need of the hour

The journey of remote workflow didn’t go as smoothly as imagined. Due to lack of insights, communication between teams, preventable IT issues and so on, companies are still struggling every day. That’s when Low-code comes into the picture, simplifying workflow and cutting down obstacles that often tamper off projects. 

For instance, you hired a new employee during the pandemic and there’s no way you could train that person virtually about the complex business processes. You can automate the training process step-by-step from start to finish by creating a training module flow chart with activity guidelines- business automation makes it happen!

On the other hand, you’re a development partner to a business, you couldn’t reach your full potential due to certain limitations. Imagine when you couldn’t deliver applications you’ve promised to your clients because you were following a complex coding process that took months- whereas app development on a low-code platform takes days, that too with the least possible coding or no coding.

All the businesses and partners have gone through the same scenarios. That’s when many organizations and their developers have switched to Low-Code application development and business automation solutions like the Every8.Cloud. With in-built Rapid Application Development (RAD) strategies and standard business-themed components- you can develop tools that are relevant to your business as quick as a flash. 

Now, you must be thinking, what really makes Every8.Cloud different from other platforms? 

Let’s dive deeper into the details.

Devise your business apps in a blink of an eye

Instead of months and years- invest days to build a business app on Every8.Cloud. The process is so simple and straight-forward that even one of your savvy employees with no technical knowledge can get the job done. All you need to do is input data and format it the way you want, adding fields, lists, and forms. This is the specialty of a low-code platform- it interprets the flow of ideas to application.

Simplify your day-to-day tasks

Whether you are pulling the strings of a handful of employees or multiple teams, Every8.Cloud offers a simplified platform keeping all your business concerns in mind. Especially, in a remote work setting, you need a steady space to let the work process rolling efficiently (e.g. tracking employee logins, time spent on projects, etc.).

Avoid technical jargons

We understand that businesses are facing technical issues every step of their way that’s why Every8.Cloud has invented some unique options- automating your day-to-day tasks, storing crucial projects on a single platform, manage and track employees’ work progress and more. All these can be implied with simple automation techniques available on the Every8.Cloud platform under Application Builder. 

Manage workflow from one platform

Reading your business needs is an art we’ve learnt over the years working with plenty of enterprises. Most businesses look for a solution that fits all of their requirements, as signing up for too many platforms is expensive as well as time-consuming. With the Every8.Cloud platform- you can keep all your projects running without a hitch.

(Take the example of your sales and marketing team- both working on different KPIs, you need to track new sales vs new marketing leads: the good part is that you can easily streamline these two areas on the Every8.Cloud Platform dashboard).

Get the advantage of business process automation

How about automating tasks that need your daily attention? The good news is that the business process automation feature available on Every8.Cloud lets you put all crucial business operations to order, implementing a steady approach to reach business goals or resolve technical issues.

Take the example of your customer support team- how many back and forth strides they’re taking to resolve a dispute. 

An existing client reaches out to technical support > the system generates an automatic ticket >the ticket gets assigned to an emergency team> then it goes to the technical support director > and finally the issue gets resolved.

It’s as simple as that, imagine automating such complex processes using a flow chart without having to code.

Communicate in real-time

The Every8.Cloud solution leaves no stone unturned for you to create a real-time communication sphere. All Every8.Cloud users can exchange information instantly without any delay. Be it your customer support or sales team, it’s not a cakewalk to bring them together on a common platform to share updates, but now it’s possible on Every8.Cloud, because all the users can access the platform at the same time without encountering a single technical glitch.

(e.g. From tracking employee login information to onboarding a new team member, and setting training guidelines, you can automate all these processes to flow smoothly and this way the HR department gets full control over routine tasks)

Cut down on app development time

High-code development tends to come off as a daunting process for developers, especially when they are working on more than one project simultaneously. That’s why Every8.Cloud provides a low-code platform with no limitation on focusing on multiple projects.

If you are a development partner to an enterprise, one of the prime advantages you have on Every8.Cloud platform is Application Builder, which is a web programming framework, meaning that it can be used for developing all kinds of business applications. Using its business-oriented architecture, you can fast-track the development process- creating business applications such as CRM, ERP, EMS, and so on. The best part is during the application development process- you can use low-code or absolutely no-code.

Go multilingual

Globalize your business connecting to your audiences across the world. Every8.Cloud has integrated localization support that allows you to switch languages in your business application. Now, you can create a single app and define how the interface will look for each language. Besides, as a development partner– for every app you develop, you can now sell it across the world! That’s a broader (potential) reach for your app, and more businesses will be able to take advantage of your work.

Thinking above and beyond!

Having said that all, you as a stakeholder, business owner or development partner can go beyond limits because the world of technology is evolving every day, bringing in more efficiencies, power and savvy tools.

Every8.Cloud is a solution that brings your ideas to life. You have a set of concepts in mind, we have the tools to design your dreams.

Take a step towards your business growth.

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